Torah Trope

These trope phrases are categorized and color-coded according to the system laid out by Hazzan Linda Sue Sohn in her Keshet Te’amim system. The melodies are primarily based on the ones notated by Dr. Joshua Jacobson in Chanting the Hebrew Bible.

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  1. Tipcha Siluk
  2. Mercha Tipcha Siluk
  3. Tipcha Mercha Siluk
  4. Mercha Tipcha Mercha Siluk
  5. Darga Mercha-Chefula Tipcha Siluk
  6. Darga Mercha-Chefula Tipcha Mercha Siluk


  1. Tipcha Etnachta
  2. Mercha Tipcha Etnachta
  3. Tipcha Munach Etnachta
  4. Mercha Tipcha Munach Etnachta


  1. Munach Zakef-Katon
  2. Pashta Munach Zakef-Katon
  3. Mahpach Pashta Munach Zakef-Katon
  4. Munach Mahpach Pashta Munach Zakef-Katon
  5. Kadma Mahpach Pashta Munach Zakef-Katon
  6. Munach Telishah-Ketanah Kadma Mahpach Pashta Munach Zakef-Katon
  7. Munach Merecha Pashta Munach Zakef-Katon
  8. Kadma Merecha Pashta Munach Zakef-Katon
  9. Munach Telishah-Ketanah Kadma Merecha Pashta Munach Zakef-Katon
  10. Pashta Zakef-Katon
  11. Mahpach Pashta Zakef-Katon
  12. Munach Mahpach Pashta Zakef-Katon
  13. Kadma Mahpach Pashta Zakef-Katon
  14. Munach Telishah-Ketanah Kadma Mahpach Pashta Zakef-Katon
  15. Munach Mercha Pashta Zakef-Katon
  16. Kadma Mercha Pashta Zakef-Katon
  17. Munach Telishah-Ketanah Kadma Mercha Pashta Zakef-Katon
  18. Metigah Zakef-Katon


  1. Yetiv Zakef-Katon
  2. Yetiv Munach Zakef-Katon


  1. Zakef-Gadol


  1. Tevir
  2. Mercha Tevir
  3. Munach Mercha Tevir
  4. Kadma Mercha Tevir
  5. Munach Telishah-Ketanah Kadma Mercha Tevir
  6. Darga Tevir
  7. Munach Darga Tevir
  8. Kadma Darga Tevir
  9. Munach Telishah-Ketanah Kadma Darga Tevir


  1. Revia
  2. Munach Revia
  3. Darga Munach Revia
  4. Munach Darga Munach Revia
  5. Legarmeh Munach Revia
  6. Mercha Legarmeh Munach Revia


  1. Zarka Segol
  2. Zarka Munach Segol
  3. Munach Zarka Munach Segol
  4. Kadma Munach Zarka Munach Segol
  5. Munach Telishah-Ketanah Kadma Munach Zarka Munach Segol


  1. Geresh
  2. Kadma Geresh
  3. Telishah-Ketanah Kadma Geresh


  1. Gershayim
  2. Munach Gershayim


  1. Telishah-Gedolah
  2. Munach Telishah-Gedolah


  1. Pazer
  2. Munach Pazer


  1. Shalshelet


  1. Munach Galgal Pazer-Gadol


  1. Final Tipcha Siluk
  2. Final Mercha Tipcha Siluk
  3. Final Tipcha Mercha Siluk
  4. Final Mercha Tipcha Mercha Siluk