B’nai Mitzvah

Torah scroll with pointer

Photo credit: Nir Landau

Welcome, b’nai mitzvah students! This page contains recordings of the Shabbat service to help you practice leading it. Some parts of the service have more than one option in terms of melody, so feel free to pick the one you like best.

Some parts of the service also have two recordings, a slow one and a regular-speed one. The slow one is to help you practice learning the melodies; the regular one is to show you the speed at which this part of the service is usually done. If there’s a melody you’d like to hear at a slow speed that I don’t already have, please let me know and I’ll record it for you!

To listen to the recordings, please click on one of the categories below.

Torah Service

Torah and Haftarah


Weekday Services (for those whose Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony is not on Shabbat)